Village of Los Lunas


The Village of Los Lunas is in a progressive transition. They recently rebranding their city in efforts to further develop their beautiful community by attracting new business and tourism. Since rebranding they have attracted large scale businesses such as Party City and Facebook to do business in their Village.

EFG developed a marketing strategy that highlights and complements this new direction. Our marketing strategy communicated with different target audiences, such as: visitors/new residents, business owners, and the existing community. We redesigned the city logo and the city seal, giving it an updated look while still maintaining the original integrity.

“Most people really like it, including myself,” said Christina Ainsworth, director of community development. “It’s fresh and new and it still reflects our traditional logo, which we took into account.”

  • Village of Los Lunas
  • 2012 to Present
  • Logo
  • Stationary Package
  • Collateral Material Design
  • Web Development
  • Interstate Design
  • Bus Design
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